Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pain in the neck....literally

Well not a lot has happened on the roads or trails lately that's for sure.  Yeah the weather has hindered it a bit, daylight savings, blah blah blah, excuse, excuse, excuse.  But the one thing that isn't going away is the pain and hinderance being caused by my neck.  The two herniations (C5-C6 and C6-C7) are really hindering most things.  The arms go numb or tingle or fall asleep, the migraines, the lack of movement, the pain sitting, the pain in driving, etc...  I have been dealing with this for about 7 years or so.  And for the most part it comes and goes in severity but never completely.
I was living with it for the most part, but I fell (click for blog entry) back on December 7th, and it has been killing me ever since.
Tried a bunch of stuff and just last week, Dr Higgins threw me on my second steriod treatment (I guess I wont be going into the Baseball Hall of Fame along with Mark McGuire anytime soon).  But with the exception of a slight amount of extended movement for a day or so, they really dont do anything.
So back to the NeuroSurgeon I go on February 23rd to discuss the fusion surgury. 
I watched a video, an actual video of the surgery, on YouTube.   Now with all the stuff I have had done, including the 3 heart procedures and having to give myself blood thinner shots in my stomach, I just cant watch medical stuff.  God bless Nancy, who works in the dental field, she tries to tell me what she does some days and I am such a wimp and cant deal with it.  Anyway, I tried to watch this surgery video - not the best idea.  Click here if YOU want to watch it cause I aint  :)  LOL
But I have to do something.
Be well - dont take what you have for granted.

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  1. Sank, Sorry to hear this, it sounds so tough to deal with. Hope you find some answers and improvements soon.