Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yesterday and Tonight

We'll go back to yesterday first:
Really had planned to trying to get a run in, but I got up earlier, started some construction around the house while the weather was high 40's and just didn't get to the roads.  I have a series of windows and sliders that have seen there better days.  So I've been looking at the house alot over the past month or so, to see exactly what I wanted to do with it, now that I am back in it completely. 

So I started on Saturday by taking out three windows, covering two and enlarging the third opening.

Saturday's work

Yesterday I decided to take out the slider, and put in a new window and a nice big 36 inch wide door with half glass.  Really happy with the results.

Inside view
Outside view

Now for today:
For those of you that are not familar with the Western States 100, it is a grueling 100 mile trail race going back to 1974, when Gordy Ainsleigh, decided to attempt the Western States "100 mile - One Day" trail ride on foot.  Well 23 hours and 42 minutes later he completed the run and in the process became the founder of modern trail ultrarunning and the Western States 100 was born.

So I came back from vacation today and totally forgot that I had ordered UNBREAKABLE, the documentary of the 2010 race.  Here's a link -> CLICK HERE if anyone wants to go look at the website yourself.  Cant wait to get home tonight, go for a quick run, and sit down and watch this.  I'll review it more in detail in the next couple days.


  1. Two posts in one day? Are you trying to make-up for lost time? No watching until you run;-)

  2. Hey EJ - Been a long time. Had a really really really crappy 2011, recommitting myself to me for a rare change, in 2012. Actually got a couple small runs in, and yes actually even this year already. Hoping to do a 50k by the fall. Maybe the Vermont50, any decent ones up in Canada you could recomment. Nice to hear from you. Take care ~ Sank