Monday, January 16, 2012

Two tests two passes

After bailing out of my last two games refereeing (basketball) yesterday with my sore ankle, I was tentative about going out today but after taking the day off to help out my mom, I decided to test out the ankle, and get another run in with the NB Minimus. 
Per usual, I went over to F Gilbert State Forest in Foxborough, and started on the Heart Trail.  It starts with a fairly tough rocky techinical trail, but it seems to get the legs going early.  The ankle felt good after the first 1/2 mile or so, so I kept branching off to longer trails that I knew had cutbacks to the entrance if I needed them.  I did have to walk a couple of the steeper uphills, but all in all I was extremely happy with my ankle, the longest trail run of the year and how the Minimus feel.
Probably going to end up taking tomorrow off as Tuesday are an extremely long day, but after today Wednesday cant come soon enough.
Until then, Be Well ~ Sank

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