Friday, January 13, 2012

Misc items

Been kind of a weird week between work, home, some 24-36 hour bug that dragged me down a bit and just life in general.  But I did want to touch on a few things I've been thinking about so I could clear out some space in my head for some other useless stuff.

Minimus - Well I ended up returning the Minimus that I bought on ebay (the vendor was awesome and quick with the return).  Anyway so I went down to CitySports on Boylston St in Boston and bought the MT10 with the 4mm drop.  Rushed home, changed and raced out to F Gilbert State Forest Tuesday night.  It was past dusk and I forgot my headlamp in the rush, so I was running very carefully in the dark, but all in all I was pleased.  I had to go a size larger so I was concerned that I was going to have issues with the toe box on the downhills, but they stayed snug around my feet and comfortable.  They had a similar feel to my VFF (Vibram Five Fingers) but maybe the lack of having my toes separated gave me more of a comfort level when going over the roots and rocks.  I also have been wearing them off and on to try to get my feet used to the difference in lift but as of now I am very happy with the shoes.

Dailymile - I had been kicking around in the past with Dailymile.  For those of you not familiar with it, it's kind of a runner/triathlete/athlete specific version of Facebook.  Once set up (which is extremely easy) it interfaces/sync's with the Garmin and inputs the information over to Dailymile.  It then posts on the site keeping track of runs, courses, etc.   But I have to say that most important to me, is the motivation and camaraderie that all of the athletes show towards one another.  Regardless of the pace, length of activity, etc... it seems that everyone is very supportive.  Just another small help on those days when you need it.

Race Planning - Trying to not get ahead of myself too much, but although my running this year is in it's infancy, I am very happy with my running to date and that my ankle soreness is bearable while I am working on strengthening it.  It is fairly easy to find a 5k or 10k any weekend (especially on roads), but I am trying to decide on a 50k for mid-summer and perhaps a 50m for the fall.   But am understandably nervous about trying to figure out if I will be ready to run it in that short a time.   Nothing ventured nothing gained, I know, but ........ 

Enough for now.  Can't wait for the weekend to hit the trails.  Have some renovations to do, and I'm refereeing 7 games, but I am definitely going to find time to strap on the new shoes and explore Gilbert.
Have a great weekend,
Be Well ~ Sank

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