Friday, January 6, 2012


I've been kicking around the idea of getting some of the New Balance Minimus shoes and yesterday while on ebay I found a pair; my size, at almost $35 less than the retail, and they'll take them back if they dont fit, so I figured, what the heck do I have to lose.  Oh and did I mention free shipping too?

So they shipped same day and I should get them on Monday.  Can't wait. 

And at the same time I found this video about the shoes, but a small insight (well from my perspective anyway) of Anton Krupicka. 

Hoping to get a run in tonight, but very tight time constraints so I'm thinking probably not. 

Have a good day all,
Be well ~ Sank


  1. Please speak "Runner-ese" when blogging as 90% of the people who come here don't understand the sentence, "Hoping to get a run in tonight, but very tight time constraints so I'm thinking probably not." I know I am being "bitchy" but if you had said "very tight Achilles" or "very tight shoes" it would have made more sense, to me anyhow. I ran in -20 degree C weather at 9pm in the dark, in the snow with my hobnails on because I screwed up the planning of my day but I did not even think twice about getting or not getting my run in. If you don't have a plan to stick to then get one and stick to it. Honestly I am not going to commit to reading your blog if you write about not running due to time contraints. Tell me how you fit your run in despite time contraints and I will be happy to read all about it. Did I mention the fact that I may be being a tad "BITCHY";-)I don't want you to look back on 2012 and say, "coulda woulda shoulda". If I didn't say this then I would feel bad reading your year end blog about how you just couldn't fit your runs in this year and that is why you were unable to meet your goals. It may not be my place to tell you but since you don't have a coach I thought I would just lay it out there. I don't know anything about what plans, goals or training you have lined up but I do know that not running due to time constaints needs to not be an option for you this year. Happy 2012

  2. Hey EJ, Not bitchy at all. In fact contructive criticism is more than welcome. I'm going into 2012, with a very optimistic outlook on all fronts. I'm glad that you found the blog again and are checking in on it.
    Not to mention that you are totally right about the "time contraints". There was a time years ago, where I would run at 2am so that I didnt miss a day. Albeit that can be seen as a tad extreme, I am trying to refind the commitment.
    And as I'm sure you can appreciate, there are times we all need a good "kick in the" reminder. Trying to organize and start a whole new transition with my life. Looking forward to it! As they would say in Boston - A WICKED LOT!
    Happy 2012 to you. Looking forward to the next URG update.
    Be well ~ Sank