Friday, December 30, 2011

It's time...

Let me just say simply, 2011 YOU SUCK.  I cant wait for this F'ING year to be put in the books.  And as they say things come in threes, well hows this trifecta for you?
1. Death of one of my best friends.  Mark Carbone, a genuine sports fanatic, but most importantly to me; a great guy.  Fell in early 2011 down a set of stairs, and passed from complications.  Mark, I miss you terribly, and think of you often.  And you missed it, the B's won the Cup!
2. Dad - on August 4th at the great age of 97 the greatest man I will ever have the priviledge to know, or the honor and luck to be his son, passed.  A real character, and a great and loving man.  Not a day goes by that I dont think of him fondly and sadly.
3. Divorce - after 11 years of marriage, I got divorced.  Nuff said, on this topic.  No need to go into details, or mud slinging.  The overwhelming majority of the time, it will be remember fondly. 

Ok so all that being said, whats the plan.  Well I was going to actually wait until 1/1/12 to start running again.  I mean I love these years that start on a Sunday.  Talk about starting off your running calendar cleanly in a new year.  But I actually got a couple runs in this week, ref'd a few games over 3 days this week.  But will start in earnest on Sunday.  I am hoping to get in a 50k this year.  Actually I guess I should say I AM going to do a 50k this year.  Not sure what one, but kind of thinking about the Vermont 50k.  Gives me enough time to get my training in.  So that's the plan.

Enough for now.  I wish you all peace in your lives.  A much better 2012, regardless of how you fared this year. 

Be well ~ Sank


  1. Totally agree with your summing of 2011 - it sucked. I'll be dipping into your blog from time to time if that's ok, especially during #Janathon, for motivation and interest. Good luck for 2012 in all you do. Ian.

  2. Hey Ian,
    By all means feel free to read and comment. Good luck with Janathon

  3. years come and go, life has all these ups and downs, but we continue to weather each storm. Yes, it hurts like hell sometimes but we definately rebound strong. Have you ever stopped to think of that inner strength? You have suffered three great loses this year, taking you to the edge and back again, I have no doubt. You will recover, you will move on, you will remember your dad, your dear friend, and yes, your marriage in a positive light... but you most certainly will continue to grow, become stronger and more wise to the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I am so happy to have become your friend on daily mile. maybe one of these days we will "run" into one another over at Gilbert State Forest.
    My mantra this year..."Want less, live a content life"
    Peace to you and your family

  4. Not sure if you live in the Boston area but check out the Trail Animals Running Club site. They are puting on several ultras in 2012 and they cost less than $20 to enter. I did three of their races in 2011. Interesting courses, good people, fun times.

  5. Thanks Dan. Just checked them out.