Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still going and going ....

Ok well maybe I am overstating things here but here it is the 25th of the month and I am still going.  The weight doesn't want to seem to drop (although in truth I'm not really watching what I eat) and the speed isn't dropping, but I'm still out there.
I have even started hitting the pool a bit, I even went so far as to sign up for a membership for a (slightly smaller than normal) hotel lap pool fitness center.  So instead of 25 yards it's 20 but who the hell cares.
The runs are ok, nothing special, but I am out there still banging away.  Been a bit tough with the consistent snow 2 or 3 storms a week (making it a bit slippery) although I have to say that the Yaktrax that I had won in a blog giveaway last year, work pretty well when there isn't any dry spots on the pavement.  I hadn't had the chance to try them last year with my neck (pre-surgery).
Oh well, still haven't decided on the triathlon this summer or not, but it hasn't been rulled out either.
Until I get to the keyboard again,
Be Well ~ Sank

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