Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Well just kind of going to rant here for a minute.  That brings me to a thought, what exactly is a rant? 

Thank you for Google; anyway although I am not going to change the blog name, I guess what I want to do (replacing rant since it isn't really being angry or violent) is to put some thoughts to virtual paper.

Like most people I can go off on rants, but try not to, as the long and short term results are generally not worth the ramifications.  But I digress. 

The physical benefits of laceing back on the running shoes generally are summed up by; feeling better as I am able to get back into some sort of shape, the comradery of being on the trails with Belle, but most importantly the mental aspect. 

I can tend to get into these overwhelmed mental standpoints where the work vs. tasks vs. home life vs. husband vs. father vs. son vs. boss vs (insert more here) become so heavy in my mind that it is hard to put them in the correct places; both in priority and importance.  For those of you that have ever been in a Spencer's Gifts (are those stores even still around?) anyway it is like when you went into that store and saw that oversized lightbulb contraption with the lightning bouncing off the sides.  If you put your finger to the glass the lightning would concentrate to your fingertip.  Really cool; and as a kid you always had to try it. 
Again thank you Google (I guess it is called a Nitrogen bulb).  Anyway for me the running is a way to simply shut off the lightning and to put all the roles I play into there proper place.  Not that I am able or should put the responsibilities of life away, just be able to put them where they belong.

Honestly this is not what I thought the blog was going to go today, as I had thought that I would talk about getting back into Gilbert State Forest on a beautiful post Hurricane Earl sunny Saturday.  Not running as far as I wanted but more than happy with how it went.  Nancy is off in Wyoming (I'm kicking myself for not having her sign on out there as it is one of a few states that hasn't visit the blog).  She's out visiting her brother Eddie and family.  The kids are all at home, relunctantly getting ready for school on Wednesday.  And I am here doing jobs 'bout the house, trying to hit the trails a few times over this long weekend, and RANTing to the few that read this.

I hope that you are where you need to be in mind and body, that you can keep things in there proper place, and most importantly,
Be well ~ Sank

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