Friday, August 27, 2010

Well the thought was there....

So I decide that last night I was going to hit the Gilbert State Forest with Belle for a 3 or 4 mile trail run. Were doing ok, ran into a few other dog owners walking.
Oh yeah check this out: So Belle and I are running, and this lady comes from the other way (neither dog was leashed). I stop to put the lead on Belle and she sits down right next to me and the other dog (who was a bit bigger than Belle at 70 lbs.) comes running up to Belle. I put the lead on, Belle puts her head down and starts to go around the dog owner and the other dog; and the lady says "what's wrong with your dog, is she shy or scared or something" all condescending like. Felt like saying, “no like her owner she just wants to run and be left alone, however like your dog's owner, he can’t seem to mind their own business”. But I digress.

So Belle and I are about 2 1/2 miles in (guessing based on history in the forest as I forgot my Garmin) and I look down and she's limping. I check her out, she isn't whimpering or anything, so we take a side trail to cut it short and start to walk back. About 50 yards in and I look down and she's going the one front legged hop. Knowing we have about a mile left to go, I bend down put her across my shoulders with the back of my neck to her stomach, and we head back. This morning thankfully she seemed none the worse for wear, but looks like I will keep her home for a few weeks so she can heal up. Not quite the same on the trails without her.

Be well - Sank

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