Friday, August 13, 2010

Enough already....

Been an extremely interesting year so far.  Injuries, surgery, refereeing, work shit, RL stuff, what have you.  But the one thing that you dont see is running; be it road or trail.  And I am sorely missing that this year.  Some of it post surgery, some due to a consistently tweaked hamstring, some in trying to juggle the refereeing schedule; but it simply just hasn't happened. 
And I can feel it's absense in my body and more importantly in my mind.  And to get myself back on track I need to start there.  I can ice and wrap and ointment (yeah I know ointment "aint no" verb but dont stop me I'm on a roll) my hamstrings, but I have to lace up the running shoes again.
Not having done much I have lost the few readers I had and I dont blame them.  Hopefully they come back soon.  I wish you safe and long trails.
Be well - Sank

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  1. Coming back from injury or time off for whatever reason can be a bit tricky as I just found out. I was taking some time off for Boston...loved the time off walking and no running but then when I tried to come back...BAMM...I was hit with a pulled/strained/torn calf muscle. So the moral of the story...take it easy. If you have sore muscles or aches and pains take a few days to recover. Ice, wrapped, massage and ointment; )