Thursday, March 18, 2010

7 days down...

At this time last week I was crawling into bed for the night getting ready for the surgery first thing Friday 7:30am.  Now a week later, I'm still fairly sore but besides being a horrible patient (including having a very short fuse and incredibly moody) I feel like I am getting better.
The left arm is still a bothering me a bit, but Dr. Weller says that "should" go away in a few months.  But only time will tell but keeping my fingers crossed.  I slept funny the other night so the back of my neck have been tender but if I lay back down or prop up my neck while on the couch I seem to be ok.
Big Big Big thing - - - stay on track with the pain meds.  Having a kick at the end of the race is one thing, but chasing down pain to go down SUCKS.   So staying on my 4 hours and adjusting the amount of pills, but not the clock.
Oh well, thanks for reading and checking in.
Be well - Sank

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  1. Oh my...and you didn't want to disclose how many pain pills you ate in 7 days - lol - :)