Sunday, March 28, 2010

16 days later

Well it's been 16 days since the surgery and figured I would check in to anyone that actually wanted to kill some time and read.
After 6 days of absolute torture with muscle spasms, I think I am headed in the right direction.  At some point right under my left shoulder a muscle spasm developed that would actually bring me to tears.  Nancy at one point, and this particular spasm was a beauty, asked me if I was laughing or crying and I couldn't tell her which it was.  Well the doc gave me a perscription for muscle relaxers, coupledwith the Percocet, and the great massages from Nancy and here I am today actually optimistic about my future neck (and running again) health.
Went to work on Friday for a few hours, mostly to connect back with my Midtown Family and get some of the papers off of my desk.  Will be doing half days this week, as I see Dr. Weller on Friday.  Hopefully I will get off this baby.  Which I have become quite friendly with since I have to wear it 24/7 (yup even in the shower).

If I can do it I am going to try to get a copy of the X-rays with the plate and will post. 

But enough for now.  Be well - Sank

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