Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beating myself up.

You know sometimes you just have to sit back and realize when you are, for lack of a different term, being lazy.  Now I'm not saying that I have done nothing and just propped up in front of the TV; but I have NOT been out on the roads, except for once this year.

Now I have been refereeing a ton for the past several months, including 9 games this weekend.  That coupled with Hannie's basketball team in full swing, at least I have been somewhat mobile.  But the cold, snow, rain, tough trail conditions, daylight savings, early nights; have made it just to easy to jump in front of the computer and goof around on either Facebook or Warcraft.  Yeah I'm a gamer, though after my 8 month hiatis I am not spending near the time I did before.

But that all has to change.  I felt so much better getting out there and running.  The legs and knee are feeling pretty damn good after refereeing and refereeing usually brings out the worst in the them.  Nancy has asked me to do the Timberman Triathlon with her in the summer, and I have to start hitting the pool and roads to get my endurance up.   I did my last one 10 ('gulp' is it really ten) years ago, and although I did it ok for the limited training, I swore to myself that I would never do another one without an adequate base.

Hopefully posting this (and staying with posting) will keep me on track.  Feel free to send me grief or support or congratulations or whatever you think is appropriate at the time.

Be well - Sank

Monday, January 4, 2010

3 days and counting....

Well after hitting the roads on the 1st, this weekend found me hammering out my miles refereeing, doing a total of 6 games over the 2nd and 3rd.  Have to admit that I am a bit sore after taking 30 days off from running, with the exception of a few games refereeing, but nothing of any note.

The snow finally stopped so that's a good thing after seeing the white stuff off and on for 3 days, but I am going to try to get out to do 3 tonight when I get home.  Slow but steady is my mantra for January. 

Be well - Sank

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all.  Well it has been a month since I had my last official run.  Been a crazy month, with the holidays, putting our St. Bernard down last week and on the exercise front; I have done all I can to put the hamstring back in order, and the IT hasn't bothered me in a while.

I hit the roads this morning, and besides an occassional reminder of the hamstring and to back off, I felt pretty good.  I am going to try to stay with the shorter strides and hopefully (weather permitting) hit the trails when I can. 

My wife has started a blog (click here) as she has been wanting to do a triathlon so check it out to see her progress.  We are debating on if I should do it with her, but not sure with wave starts how we could pull that off and actually be side by side with her (after the swim portion).

Wishing you the best of New Year's, Peace and Love to all, Be Well - Sank