Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who to believe?

Garmin vs. Runningahead ???
So I have a Dr's appointment today and it run's a little late.  So instead of trying to get back to work, just to have to almost turn right around to make it for a 6:30 meeting tonight, I decide to head home and try to get a run in before Daylight Savings Time kills the afternoon sun and I have to run covered in reflective tape.
But to get to the point, I strap on the Garmin - still trying to figure out all the features, and off I go.  I tried to go out fairly quick, and went out without any stretching or warmup, so "tad-daaa" the back of my right leg starts to bug me so I decide to go my short loop course. 
I finish up a course that I have run a fair amount of times and when I download the Garmin, I am missing .12 miles from what the map says when I entered it in Runningahead.  But who's right? 
Anyone else have this problem come up and who/what do you believe to be right?
Until tomorrow - Be Well - Sank

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