Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well it's gone....

So I finally get out last night to try to get some running in.  I had missed a few days between being busy, dealing with migraines coming out of those damn herniated discs in my neck, and trying to rest the legs.  So I throw on the PT band, the rain coat, and the Garmin and out I go.
Now the pace wasn't too great, but I didn't feel too bad.  Was trying to concentrate on my form, lifting my knees on each step and not overstriding.  2 miles in and still feeling pretty good.  As I am coming over the Williams Street bridge the back of my right leg, starts to act up a bit.  So I shorten up my stride and pace and continue on down to the West Street intersection.  And then just shy of 3 miles in, my right hamstring finally went on me.  I stopped there and then, trying not to aggravate it anymore, and walked to the house.
A bit sore today, I am going to get a compression wrap for it (as I have 8 games this weekend to ref) but regardless I am NOT going to let this make me stop.  Oh well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and in the big picture I have a LOT to be thankful for.
Be well and Happy Thanksgiving all - Sank

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