Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watch issue or one hell of a good run?

I get home tonite and decide that I have to start kicking up my base.  Not to mention that I really want to break 100 miles this month (I know not a very worth goal, but we all have to start somewhere).

So I run some afterwork errands and rush into the house to get my stuff on and to do the Old School loop.  It's a 4.17 mile run with a short loop at the end on a fairly busy street, which isnt the best when the sun's going down but I go off regardless.  I stretch out the IT band (boy those exercises are starting to pay some dividends) and off I go. 

Now when I started off I felt pretty good and went out kind of hard, but after 3/4's of a mile I settled in pretty well.  Occassionally I would feel my quads tighten up a little so I would slow down my stride a bit, try to kick out my legs to stretch out a bit, and when they weren't bothering me I would just settle in.  Almost 3/4's of the way done and I am coming down this slight decline and I really felt great.  The stride was great, quick and my breathing was very smooth.  Well to make a short story long, I shut off the watch as I hit the end of the driveway and into the house I go to enter it into my account.  And as I am entering everything I look at my pace and I ran 7:49 miles.  Are you shitting me?   7:49's!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I felt good and all but to take off that type of time, if and I repeat (in caps) IF that is true I am so psyched right now!

Well I'll take it, short run if any tomorrow.  This weekend is going to be kind of crazy as I ref AAU basketball and I am committed to a bunch of games AND I want to get out on the roads and trails. 

Well if you look in the sky and see a light coming out of the Massachusetts area of the US, it is me glowing from tonite's run.  God I hope that watch was right :)

On a very minor "I am so bumming" note - I missed out on a sweet ebay bid on a Garmin 405cx.  :(

Be well - Sank

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