Friday, October 9, 2009

Refereeing and getting old!

I'm told that New Hampshire and Vermont are peak this weekend but the leaves are really starting to turn here in good old Massachusetts. The pool this morning had a fairly decent layer so I guess the pool guys will be coming out soon to close her down. That truly is the benchmark for the end of summer. Oh well.

Fall also brings the start of the AAU and Rec League basketball which is good by me as it helps to put some $ in my pocket by refereeing. The only downsides, it really gets tough on the body trying to ref somewhere between 5 to 10 games over a weekend and get in a run (trail or road). But the money is good and I try to consider it like a sprint workout. Last weekend I reverted back to my old habits and didn't stretch AT ALL. Big mistake as I tweaked something in my lower back into my left hamstring. I did a couple runs this week and once I got out a bit it warmed up ok, but the mornings were tough getting up.

Well it sucks to get old, but what are you going to do, they haven't found a cure for that yet.

Took this picture yesterday as I was walking down Boylston Street - yup this is the "needs to be painted badly" finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Right around the corner from the hotel I run.  Hopefully I will be running over that in just less of 200 days. 

Be well all - Sank

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