Friday, October 30, 2009

87.6 and counting

Well today is October 30th leaving me just over 35 & 1/2 hours to get in 12.4 miles.  Now before all of you Ultra-heads starting rolling your eyes, I need to try to figure out if I can pull this off and not have it knock me back in November.  My longest run this year has been (one sec - have to go to to check - be right back.......) just under 4.3 miles.  I have to referee 3 games on Saturday, which at calculating 2 miles per game (although on line they say it is between 3.5 and 5 miles per game - I just dont see that so I go with 2 miles per game), but I digress.  I have been fighting the hamstring tweak, my IT band (which is about 95% healed), and a crazy like/work schedule.  But excuses are easy to find..........

ANYWAY---- Ref'ing will give me 6 making the total 6.4, you know I actually think I can pull this off.  If I run my King Arthur/Nelson loop that will give me 3.1 miles for tonite (when I get home) that will leave me 3.3 miles to do early Saturday morning.

Well wish me luck, though all I really need is to stop making it a big deal in my head and JUST DO IT. 

I know this pic is a tad crude, but when I was googling JUST DO IT images, this one was screaming to me to use it.  And sometimes you just have to listen to those little voices in your head :)

3 games on Sunday and I will have a nice start to November. 
Not to mention that I am breaking in the new Garmin tonite - SWEET!
Happy Friday all - be well - Sank

UPDATE:  THE GARMIN 405 ROCKS!!  I love it

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