Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yesterday I stopped in my old Physical Therapist and he gave me some great strength and stretches for my IT.  Definately plan on getting on those today (just havent done it yet).

Ok back to the rain again today - arghhhhhh.  Well after last night's birthday bash for Catie (sweet 16 for my daughter), I got up right after Nancy left for work this morning to get in...well actually I figured I would just figure out where and how long as I went.  You gotta love the ability to run your maps thru for your mileage as well as to have it link to the blog.
So I got in 4.2 miles.  Still having soreness in my legs but I need to just run and stop overthinking the strides and all that stuff so that I can get into a nice rhythm and pace, but until then I will just plug along. 

Tomorrow I need to head over to the parents in the AM and then back to the trails.  Have a safe and dry Saturday all.  Hope you like the Batman pic, there will be more to follow. 
Be well - Sank

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