Thursday, September 24, 2009

VO2 and anchovies

I was entering my training run on Running ahead and I noticed when I enter the time as well that it comes up with my VO2 Max for that particular run. Well it has been a very long time since I was a true running junkie (geek story to follow) and I had forgotten all about VO2 and latic acid, blah blah blah. So I hit google and it comes up with many a thousand hits, and off I go. Seems that for my age and training level that it is actually not to bad for right now.

I am actually pretty happy with this week. Started out poorly (well if taking a few days off to take care of a screaming IT problem is consider being poor) but with resting for a few days and tonite's crazy schedule is going to make getting out fairly difficult. But now with two runs both right in the low 8:20's pace, my feeling is that this is a very strong indicator for me that my footwork is improving. Am planning on getting in some LSD's this weekend, and maybe a Fartlek here and there. Have to watch that knee, but hopefully I am on the mend.  But back to the VO2 part, that my numbers seem to be going up as my times are going down.  Just another thing to play around with. 

Now for my geek running junkie addict quick story: Many a moon ago when "Boston" Bill Rodgers was dominating the marathon scene, I was grabbing every publication and newspaper that I could get my hands on about Bill, the Boston Marathon, Nutrition, what have you. Well I read one day that Bill's favorite pizza was anchovies and green peppers. I can tell you that the local House of Pizza wasn't quite ready for the near-daily orders of A&GP pizzas. Didn't help my running much, but they were pretty damn tasty.

Happy training all and as always, Be well - Sank


  1. Ah..... but Boston Billy liked to smear mayonnaise on the anchovie and green pepper pizza!

    I remember reading that he put mayo on everything including raw potatoes. He had a bad rap for being a junk food fanatic. One of my favourite quotes was that he wasn't sure if he 'Eats so that he can run, or runs so that he can eat.' So true:)

  2. Ah yes the mayonnaise, I had forgotted about that part, but if I remember correctly I think I debated on that at the time. I did try the mayo on chocolate chips cookies that he ate, but drew the line at the ketchup on brownies.
    From 1975 to 1980 he as the man winning Boston and NY 4 times each. And being a Boston boy myself, it made me even prouder.