Monday, September 7, 2009

Races, Labor Day, Shopping at REI and Dog stories

Well my weekend race plans came half way to fruition. I ended up doing the Jamie Fund 5k. Went out to ok, had a very good 2nd mile, but the 3rd didn't go so well. Regardless I finished just shy of 28 minutes at 27:52. Not bad, really goes to show me that even though it's only been 3 weeks, I HAVE to get my base up. The IT band really seemed to help so I guess I have a new fashion accessory.

Well my Sunday plan of the Rhode Island race didn't materialize as Nancy had her End of Summer work party and we couldn't make the times work to get it done, get me home and then off to the party, so I got out for a 3.5 mile run with the watch. (I usually don’t wear the watch so I don’t.....well whatever). Well I actually beat my time for the 3 miles, lesson to be learned is to go out in races at my own pace and not with the group. Oh well.

HAPPY LABOR DAY to all. Heading off to REI today to look for some gear. Gaiters mostly, but you never know what fun stuff you can find. The birthday is coming up later this week and the family is looking for stuff to get me, so I might as well get it myself and throw their names on it.  Definately want to hit the State Forest before the day is out and have a day off the roads. 

Back from REI with gaiters, a water bottle with handle to slip your hand in and two pairs of trail shorts.  Not to mention a handful of Clif bars.  Good  news:  Nice Labor Day Sale / Bad News: Have to wait til Friday to use them as they have become birthday gifts.  Oh well.

Got home and Nancy and I decided to hit the State Forest.  She walked and I took the labs with me.  They are running right with me and we take this corner and run into a couple with two brittney spaniels.  Belle stays with me, Jack gets within 8 -10 ft and one of the 'brits' pulls the owner on the leash and is right on Jack.  Jack barks back, backs off and the brittney is right back on him.  I know about the keep your dogs on a leash and all, and later we ran into about 4 other groups both with dogs and not, and no problem.  No big harm, a thousand apologies and we split up. Then we almost get run over by a group of 2 motorcycles and an ATV, 3 times.  Never mind the signs about no motorized vehicles.  Oh well, I still got 4 miles in.  The legs still feel a bit dead for the 3rd straight day.  Will have to see if I can figure that out.

Til tomorrow, be well - Sank

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