Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Everyone! (plus training update)

Well Summer is over, and the sound of the birds chirping as you run down the trails will be replaced by the crunching and rustling of the colorful autumnal leaves on the ground. 

Well I have officially given up on my 100 mile month goal for September but rather to build up my knee so that I can survive the winter and my goal of Boston in 2010. 

On another goal setting front, Nanc has announced her goal of running the Timberman Sprint Triathlon in 2010, so who knows maybe I will jump back into doing a few Tri's again.  She has always wanted to do one, am I am very proud of her for picking one.  Which as you know, picking the race is the first and biggest step.  Well heading out to run in the sleet and cold of a New England winter maybe the biggest step, but you know what I mean.

Well can't wait to lace them up this aft/evening.  Be well - Sank

Amended 7:08pm EST - Just got back from running one of my beginning routes.  I decided to do this loop (albeit less than 3 miles) as I have had some luck with the knee the last few days with the PT exercises and my right ankle was fairly happy from the 2 days rest.  Besides that, I had gotten home late and had to take my son, Kevin, to swim practice and only had a few extra minutes or I was either going to have to skip it or run in the dark (not fun since we live on a fairly busy road).  Wow talk about making a short story long. 

So I lace up and off I go on the Tremont Street loop.  And surprisingly I felt great so I decided to just go with it.  It was just one of those nights when things came together and I actually average 8:22/mile WITH stopping twice to tie my shoes.  I am very psyched!

Good night all & 'til then, be well - Sank

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