Thursday, July 19, 2012

Optimistically Nervous

Ok, I’m going to be complete honest in that I’m not nervous at all, I am 100% Optimistically Scared Shit. I have Bear Brook Mountain coming up this Saturday. It will single handedly be the longest race, hell for that matter, the longest single run I have ever done at 26.7 miles. So I guess if the definition of an Ultra-Marathon is anything over the standard 26.2 miles of a marathon is true, then I guess this is my first ultra! I know that in the world of Ultra’s this is no big deal, and after looking at the amazing finishes as Western States, Badwater and Hardrock, that I should just deal with it. But hey we’re all human right?

I am fairly confident that I can do this race, if I stay on top of my hydration (unlike my Pineland 25k issues) in which I have started to implement S-Caps with good success; and run a smart and conservative pace. From what the news says, it seems like the Weather Gods are shining down on me, as they have (or supposed to anyway) dump the Hell, Fire & Brimstone weather, for low humidity and temps in the high 70’s. Which is huge for me, as I perspire pretty good in the winter. 

But back to my nervousness, my training schedule does concern me.  I have kicked up my mileage over the past months; but per usual for me it's always something.  Be in work, life, my recurring respiratory infections, blah blah blah, excuse excuse excuse.  But I've been doing them.  I know it's not technically that long, but I have tried to taper a bit this week, to rest up my legs somewhat.  I skipped last night due to the weather (hot, humid, and some impressive lightning), but will do 5 tonight, and rest Friday.

Although I don’t know anyone personally, there’s a couple people that I “know” from either Facebook or Dailymile that are doing it, but I have never met anyone of them face to face, but obviously there’s a pretty good chance I will after Saturday.

Well that's enough for now.  I wish everyone racing at Bear Brook, Vermont 100, and a handful of others this weekend nothing but their perfect race.  If your not racing and you happen to look at the clock Saturday morning, send me some positive Karma.  Hell I can use all I can get.

Be Well ~ Sank

I put the map down below, as a point of reference.


  1. Good Luck on your first Ultra. If you finish it you will be one up on me.

  2. Just remember to have fun, You don`t have to win your first ONE!