Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching up

Been a bit since I posted, well except for my Stone Cat registration post, so I figured I would take a minute half way thru 2012 to catch up.  Been an interesting year so far in many ways.  I'll spare you all the personal details, except to say that; after the passing of my dad and my divorce in 2011, there wasn't really any where to go but up. 
Running wise the I've been pretty good about staying out there.  After hitting a short lack of motivation time, I have been more committed to the trails and extending my distance.  With the exception of running two Boston's (albeit as a bandit) in the mid-80's (yup I'm that old) and the numerous triathlon's I have completed, I ran my longest official (trail) race of 25k at Pineland Farms.  And with the exception of some hydration issues, I absolutely loved it. 
Lately I have concentrating on getting my base mileage higher and so far so good.  I calculated today that since the first of the year I have ran 475 miles or a daily average of 2.65 miles per day (including rest days).  And with a couple ultra's signed up for this year, I should be able to still hit my yearly goal of 1000 miles fairly easy. 
Sorry a pretty boring post I know, but wanted to touch base. 
Be well ~ Sank

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