Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For what it's worth..... this guy has my respect.

Here's my disclaimer:  I have absolutely no idea who this guy is.  Never met him, never talked to him, never....nothing. 
The background story: If you have a YouTube account, when you log on, it will give you a list of videos that are similar to ones you've watched before.  So I sign on late last night and this one shows up.  I figure what the hell.....
This is the 2nd half of the run but it in a just 14 minutes video snipit, it allows you to share briefly, with his journey.  The pain, the anquish, and the triumph as he finds the last minute energy to run out to the finish of his 100 mile run.
So if you know this guy:  Shake his hand for me and tell him that somewhere up in Southeastern Massachusetts, there is a runner named Sank, and let him know that he has my respect and admiration.

Be well ~ Sank


  1. Hi Sank, that is my husband - Jimmy V...or the Meatball as he is known around the east coast because of this crazy video. I agree - he is inspiring - it's raw and real and exhausting - it's ultrarunning! Thanks for posting, I'll share this with him.

  2. Hey Shel,
    Not sure how you did but it is awesome that you found this blog and the posting. I also put it on my dailymile account. Almost everyone that sees it feels the same way.
    His determination is impressive, and your (and his crews) support is inspiring. Thanks for reaching out.
    Take care - Sank

  3. I was blessed to have Jimmy V pace me last year at that race and he is a bit of a celebrity. He is just as motivating in person as he is on the video.

  4. Thank you. Much appreciated. Amazing creatures, we are?!

  5. That is so awesome!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this.