Friday, May 4, 2012

First Owl "sighting" of the year and request!

For those of you that had read my blog, you know that I take great pleasure in my run-ins with the Barred Owls that reside at F Gilbert State Forest, in Foxboro MA near where I live.  I have had then fly in front of me to land on a stump and watch me, or hearing a large group "hooting" back and forth while I ran the trails beneath them, to hearing them start their calls as the daylight ends and dusk falls upon the woods.

Last night, about 90 minutes before dusk, I heard my first call of the year.  Regardless of how I am running or the weather or what have you; the call always brings a sense of youthful exuberance to me.
So today I was googling Barred Owl's for a cool picture to post and I came across this website:  I was absolutely floored that this is happening to there wonderful birds.  It's amazing that our government can sit in judgement to eliminate one type of owl, in this case the barred, to try to save another, the equally beautiful but sadly endangered spotted owl. 
If you have a moment please go to the website, and sign the petition.   Takes all of about 20 seconds.  It will be a sad day indeed, if the woods of Gilbert ever fall silent.
Thank you all and Be Well ~ Sank

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  1. Signed the petition, and it only took me 10 seconds. Have a wonderful day.