Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bronchitis, Motivation or lack there of, and Pineland/Bear Brook

Well it's finally May which means I am 27 days away from running my first official 25k Trail Run race.  From all I had researched it seems like Pineland Farms run a great festival.  It's also a nice chance to get away for a long weekend (being Memorial Day), as this spring has been insanely busy between: trying to keep the house a float, coaching a 7th grade boys AAU team, working, training, "Dad"ing, etc etc etc........

I had been debating on running the 50k, but after talking to a friend about it, he suggested to do the 25k and then do a training run in to get in some more mileage.  I'm pretty glad that I picked the 25k as the bronchitis that hit me in early March thru mid/late April, really did a job on my lungs and my endurance shape.  But this week, I have felt a world better, and been getting in some quality runs (not too much quantity but quality). 

After being sick for almost 6 weeks, I am hoping to get some mileage under my belt, as after Pineland I have registered for the Bear Brook Marathon and Ultra in July.  At the end of the 6 weeks (last week actually) I was seriously starting to question my running and my commitment to it.  So I made a deal with myself (does anyone else actually do that?) that I would put in the time and effort and do my absolute best to get myself ready for Pineland.  If when I had run that I wasn't into the distances, I would run Bear Brook (doing the 26.7 course) in July, but would NOT sign up for Stone Cat 50 miler in November. 

Actually being able to run without sounding and feeling like I am breathing in an iron lung machine, has definitely changed my mood.  My short term goal now is: a 30 mile week this week and to drop 7-10 pounds in the next few weeks (GOOD BYE ICE CREAM :(   going into to Pineland.

Well enough for now, hope all is well with everyone and anyone that reads this.

Be Well ~ Sank

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