Monday, March 12, 2012

Two year Anniversary

Well it's been two years today that I had my neck fusion surgery. Boy times sure fly. If you truly have no life or nothing better to do today, the blog posts are still up if you want to read them (not sure why anyone would). Still one of the best things I ever did. The feeling and use from my upper arm down to my left hand and fingers has returned almost 100%. Although my neck muscles still get a tad tight and sore off and on, and I can generally tell you when it's going to rain, I'ld make that decision over again 100 times over.  Never ever, take your health for granted.

On a training note: Ref'ing officially ended for me this weekend. Which from a financial side kinda sucks. However, I came out of it unscathed this year. The tweaked hamstring is happy, and the fall I took landing on my head and shoulder had no long term effects.

So it is now time to start kicking in the mileage and getting myself ready for Stone Cat in November. With the exception of my 4 day hiatus that I took in the beginning of the month, I've been staying fairly regular running (5 days a week), but I need the mileage. Daylight Savings, for as much as I hate it, now allows later trail runs without the headlamp and knucklelights.
Well enough for now, have a great day.

Be Well ~ Sank


  1. Oh ya I remember that neck brace, Nike wasn't it? Was that really 2 yrs ago, seems like yesterday. Glad you are feeling so well these days.

  2. That is too funny EJ - I forgot all about you calling it my Nike neck brace. I have no idea where the heck the time goes.