Thursday, February 16, 2012

Touching base - Mid-Feb

I've been absentee since Feb 1st, in regards to posting anything on the blog, so I figued I would take a couple minutes to post.

Been dealing with a fairly busy schedule; between life, refereeing on weekends, trying to get on the trails when I can (Thank God, the days are getting a little longer for the post work trail access), running at night and a hectic work schedule; but I've been staying motivated and out pounding the trails and pavement.

Been also treating myself to a few gadgets and new shoes too:

I bought the Petzl headlamp off of eBay. I have to say that I really, really like it. It is extremely comfortable and when you put the deflector up, it really does a nice job illuminating in front. I've been using it almost every night going out, as Pine Street is so riddled with potholes, that it gives my feet and ankles a fighting chance if I can see what lies ahead of me. I've taken it out on the trails as well. I used it one moon-less night coupled with my knucklelights. And although the addition of the knucklelights did make a difference, I have to say that I almost preferred not having anything on my hands and just the headlamp.

I tweaked the lower part of both of my hamstrings refereeing the other day, so I've been babying them for about a week. I stopped by CitySports on my way to the train after work the other night and picked up some 3/4 compression shorts. And after resting from running Sunday and Monday, I put them on and went out. I was cautiously nervous about tweaking it again and having to walk home. I shortened up my stride considerably and about half way through the run, I actually felt fairly fluid in the run. And although I thought the compression shorts would be more binding and tighter, I’m impressed. Wednesday night, the right hammie reminded me it was still not happy as I left the driveway, but it behaved itself to let me finish. Today I put on a compression wrap for work today as it was sore this morning, and took it off around lunch time.  I hear that the foam roller's are the way to go.  I'll have to plan on picking one of those up. 

In regards to shoes, I am still totally loving the New Balance Minimus. And with not being able to hit the trails much, I've been treating myself wearing them around town. I just love the feel of those shoes.  My ONLY complaint is I wish they made them in half sizes for the larger feet. I take a 13 but they were a bit short in the toe box, so I had to go to a 14. Been tripping on the trails and I'm almost thinking that is the reason. Or then again I could just be a klutz. As my old Nike's are SO old and tired, I bought a pair of Asics for the days I'm on the roads. Took them out the first night for a 3 mile run and about half way through my right ankle was simply not happy. Got home, put the Nike's back on, went out for a half mile; pain gone. So I called the local Sports Authority that I bought them at and they said that I could return them. I was not only happy (as they ran $ 104) but also impressed. And who says customer service (like chivalry) is dead?

Well enough for now. I also just bought a Natham backpack, that hopefully I can tryout this weekend, but with only 2 weekends left to make any substantial money refereeing, the christening of the Nathan may have to a wait.

Until then ~ Be Well ~ Sank

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