Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend project

Woke up this morning and cautiously put my foot to the ground, wondering how my right ankle was going to react after yesterday's 4.6 mile trail run in Gilbert.  Nothing, nothing at all.  Cant tell you enough how pysched I was of that.  I was really concerned as this ankle has been an issue for me for a long long time, and how it was going to handle the change over to the NB Minimus (still loving them) and the increase in mileage as I start to increase it for my 50k (that I havent selected yet). 

Ankle history:  I had a metatarsal ankle fusion surgery back when I was in high school.  Basically they graphed a bone off my hip and fused the small bones that run to the ankle together.  It was so long ago I dont really remember why, just that my parents used to tell me that I limped when I was a kid.  It never stopped me from doing sports, but I was generally the last kid doing laps.  ANYWAY.... enough with the history lesson.  I had gone to a Dr a few years ago, when I started running again after taking about 10 years off after doing marathons and tons of triathlons.  The Dr said that I was just going to have to deal with it.  No shit, really?!?!?!

So back to today.  I am so happy that I passed this test.  Will take today off as a rest day (although I really have the itch to hit the trails again). 

Renovation update:  Some of you that read the blog had commented on my renovation project so I figured I would update you to this weekend's project.  Last post on the renovation I showed the door and window I had put in.  This past week/weekend, I finished the removal of the two 8 ft sliders and the replacement of them with the 5 36inch double hung windows.  Will insulate them this week and them move over the heat to the mudroom that never had it.  I know Jack and Belle (my 2 chocolate labs) will be happy to have some additional heat in their room.

Enough for now, Be well ~ Sank

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