Monday, January 9, 2012

First week, Birthday wishes and Thanks

First week down (well actually 8 days) but I'm digressing early in this post.  Actually pretty happy with getting out there 5 times between the trails and roads.  The shin has been a little tight during runs, but mostly on those days when I haven't truly stretched it out as much as I should.  You would think at my age I would have learned more patience, but..... not really.  My ankle (that I had reconstructed using my hip bones many many many years ago) has been a tad sore.  But that happens in the beginning of getting back to running.  But the same stretches for my shin, also help the ankle. 
Hello Stupid (yeah I'm talking to myself here) do you notice any trends here?  Old dogs and new tricks I guess.

My RoadID and my new NB Minimus are supposed to be delivered today, so I am very excited about that.  The Minimus are the trail version, so with my luck it will probably snow 3 ft, but looking at the weather forecast I think I'll dodge that bullet for a bit.  Going to try to keep the same work schedule of getting in super early so I can hit the trails after work.  The days are getting longer, but slowly.  Still need to master the art of running trails at night. 

Going to take today as a rest day, after 3 in a row.  To steal Terry Francona's phrase (or maybe it was Jimy Williams - well one of the Red Sox Manager's), it's a marathon not a sprint.  Been looking at race calendar's and websites to see which 50k I'm going to do this year.  Very anxious and excited.  Thinking I can pull that off by May and who knows maybe do the Vermont 50, in the 50 mile catagory. 

Happy 10th Birthday to my boy, Jack. 

Thanks to EJ, from URG, for her comments the other day.  Sometimes, we all need a little reminder and kick in the back-side. 

Well that's it for now.  Safe running for you all.
Be Well ~ Sank

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  1. Re my past comment, I am just lucky to have the day to day influence of a great coach and running peers to keep me on track. It is hard to find a balance though with under and or over training and taking time off to let things heal and adjust is as important as getting in a planned run when time is limited. That is why I run when I can(not injured) because I know there will come a time when my sore foot or knee will force me to back off for a few days/weeks/months:-)

    I will stay tuned for a review of your NB Minumus' and I hope you won't need your RoadID anytime soon(knock on head 3x's).

    And Happy 10th to Jack, I wish him many more years of joyful bliss just being a dog.