Tuesday, January 24, 2012

50 degrees in New England in January - gotta love it

I had seen this video last week and meant to post it, but never got around to it.  So I'll post it now.  With the 2 small snowfalls we had last week, it's a good motivational tool on those days that you dont feel like getting out there in the cold and wet.  Although I have to admit that so far this year, I have looked forward to getting out there in whatever the weather was, and actually looked forward to the different scenarios that were thrown at me; be it from weather, work and life restrictions, or time of day. 

So with temps today in the low 50's, I am definitely going to get my butt out on (HOPEFULLY) some trails tonight.  Just got a pair of Knucklelights, that I tried out last night on the roads.  So I am going to strap them on tonight along with my headlamp, and do all I can to hit Gilbert.  After a couple runs, I'll do a quick review on them. 

So enjoy the video, the scenery is absolutely beautiful.  Not to mention that Anton Krupicka makes it look so effortless.

Be well ~ Sank

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  1. I just don't like it when it snows then thaws then freezes again and we are left with ice. Stay cold or stay warm but the back and forth is the worst. Hey you and Anton are more alike then you think. I do feel a bit wimpy for wearing gators in the snow seeing Anton with no socks on and exposed ankles.