Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you go down to the woods today....

I have absolutely no idea why that title popped into my head, but now I cant get that stupid song out of my head.  Anyway, I FINALLY got on to the trails this past Sunday.  I had left the house and it started to drizzle out a bit so I almost turned around but decided ... screw it, I'm going!  So off I went to the Gilbert State Forest.  The trails hadn't really been touched over the winter so thankfully I knew where I was going and I was really just more interested in lacing up my trail shoes and off the pavement. 
Why is it that you see a hole or root on the trails and you take it in "stride" and keep plugging.  But... if you see some pothole on the pavement, you get all aggravated that you could twist an ankle or something, OR maybe that's just me.
Anyway, unfortunately I had left my trail running partner, Belle at home this time; which I think was probably a good thing since I didnt have an old shower curtain for her to lay down on afterwards.  And about a mile in, I ran across a group of walkers with a rottie and 2 pit bulls.  I really am a huge dog guy, but for some reason those 2 breeds just scare the shit out of me.  And I couldn't have forgiven myself if something happened to Belle.  Yeah a bit paranoid I know, but whatever.....
Anyway, tonight I got home after a bitch of a day at work (been the same for about 3 weeks now) and strapped on the Garmin and figured I would have a speed work out.  Not a long run, but my Nelson Loop course but was hoping to break 20 minutes tonight.  I go out really quick, keep my breathing under control.  Nice strides, run through my hill section, fight thru the last half mile to my house.  Look down....and I never started the F-ing Garmin :(    Not happy.  But there's always another day.
Well enough for now,
Be Well ~ Sank

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