Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September already?

Well came home last night to another 90 degree day, but decided that I was going to get in to Gilbert again; albeit without my chocolate friend; who is still nursing her sore paw.  She isn't limping on it anymore but figured with the heat and all it would be best to leave her home.  I have been fairly tired lately but went out anyway.  Went out on a new route this time, and figured I would take the Acorn trail out and then head down the Megley and back up my favorite path.  Now let me just preface this by saying that the Acorn is a real bitch of a trail and if you can run it without stopping you are a better "man" than I.  As I had said I have been fairly tired lately (not from too much training thats for damn sure) but about halfway through fighting the Acorn, it actually seemed like my legs were responding and I felt pretty damn good the rest of the run.  Definately not reading too much into it, but I am going to take it as a positive sign and leave it at that.

Not sure that the weekend will bring with hurricane Earl heading up the coast but I am planning on hitting Gilbert regardless.  That trail I like is actually really cool in the rain.  Lots of run-offs and water running over large rock faces; a very fun run no matter how long it takes. 
Take care all,
Be well ~ Sank

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  1. So cool to trail on grounds with running water and large rocks. Sounds so exciting. Good luck on your trail.