Monday, May 24, 2010

7 days so far

Well it's been a week and really no worse for wear.   Trying to be smart and I am just running one of my regular loop courses but only running 2 miles.  Sunday the shins were a bit tight so came home and googled stretches for it.  Today while at PT, I mentioned it to Dan and Ian, who actually taped my shins.  Tonight although having to work myself back in shape the shins were fine.  Not that I am going to tape them all the time, but will have to look for some arch supports or maybe look into some orthotics.
But the neck feels good, really haven't noticed it at all after runs, more than the post-surgery soreness, but even that is going way down.
Well that's it for now.  Planning on taking Tuesday off and heading back out on Wednesday.
Be Well - Sank

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  1. Hey Sank I just started wearing compression socks to help the circulation in and recovery of my tight calves. I heard they work for shin splints also. You can wear them during or after your workouts and even to bed so you might want to look into them.