Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good News and Bad News

First the Bad News - I was originally hoping that I would be able to run starting May 1st, but the doctor told me yesterday that date has been pushed back to May 14th.
Now the Good News - the Collar came OFF yesterday!  And although my running date was pushed back, I can get in the pool. 
All and all I have to say that I am really happy with the progress and that I decided to have the surgery.  I haven't had a headache now in 3 weeks, the pain in my elbow and upper arm is greatly reduced, and it seems like I have almost all of the feeling back in my ring and pinky finger in my left hand.
Dr. Weller said that there was narrowing of the nerve-ways and that there was substantial bone spurs, but that what he wasn't able to take care of in the surgery (bone spurs), should continue to get better over the next few months.
Here are the X-rays (or pictures I took of them from my cellphone) of the surgery.  Simply amazes me that just 3 weeks ago, I had the surgery; where I am now, and my new "bionic" neck.

Be well, run an extra mile for me - Sank

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