Sunday, March 28, 2010

16 days later

Well it's been 16 days since the surgery and figured I would check in to anyone that actually wanted to kill some time and read.
After 6 days of absolute torture with muscle spasms, I think I am headed in the right direction.  At some point right under my left shoulder a muscle spasm developed that would actually bring me to tears.  Nancy at one point, and this particular spasm was a beauty, asked me if I was laughing or crying and I couldn't tell her which it was.  Well the doc gave me a perscription for muscle relaxers, coupledwith the Percocet, and the great massages from Nancy and here I am today actually optimistic about my future neck (and running again) health.
Went to work on Friday for a few hours, mostly to connect back with my Midtown Family and get some of the papers off of my desk.  Will be doing half days this week, as I see Dr. Weller on Friday.  Hopefully I will get off this baby.  Which I have become quite friendly with since I have to wear it 24/7 (yup even in the shower).

If I can do it I am going to try to get a copy of the X-rays with the plate and will post. 

But enough for now.  Be well - Sank

Thursday, March 18, 2010

7 days down...

At this time last week I was crawling into bed for the night getting ready for the surgery first thing Friday 7:30am.  Now a week later, I'm still fairly sore but besides being a horrible patient (including having a very short fuse and incredibly moody) I feel like I am getting better.
The left arm is still a bothering me a bit, but Dr. Weller says that "should" go away in a few months.  But only time will tell but keeping my fingers crossed.  I slept funny the other night so the back of my neck have been tender but if I lay back down or prop up my neck while on the couch I seem to be ok.
Big Big Big thing - - - stay on track with the pain meds.  Having a kick at the end of the race is one thing, but chasing down pain to go down SUCKS.   So staying on my 4 hours and adjusting the amount of pills, but not the clock.
Oh well, thanks for reading and checking in.
Be well - Sank

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the surgery is over and the next day I am at home.
Nancy was kind enough LOL to take this picture last night just as I was wheeled into the hospital room.
Sure looked like crap, but better today.  Thanks to the benefits of modern medicine.
April 1st when I can lace up the Nikes is getting closer everyday.
Be well - Sank

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well tick tick tick....

Obviously not that I have anything to do except lie there and not die, the thought of this Friday’s surgery is REALLY starting to stick in my head.

I am off the Advil (or whatever painkillers I can find) along with the aspirin since last Thursday, based on Doctor's orders. Aspirin I take after all of my heart stuff in 2006, but need to be off of both because of the blood thinning qualities. I also take Lisnopril, which I have to take to keep my heart strength up (again from bad things that happened in 2006), mostly because between the Lisnopril and my other meds  and athlete (well not much since November/December); I have to go off of it starting tomorrow as the combination lowers my blood pressure and the anesthesiologist wants to keep that higher. My blood pressure normally runs around 90 over 60, which is borderline low I guess.  They tell me they want the first number over 100.  So no meds and I have to drink lots of water - yuck!!

I went to my pre-Op last Friday and realized VERY QUICKLY that there is a lot of info out there that I really don’t need to know all of the details about. I mean did you know that when you were under, that some of the stuff the anesthesiologist gives you is actually a paralytic. That when given actually stops you from breathing and hence the breathing tube so you…well don’t die. I never did and I have had my fair share of that crap over my 47 years.  Ignorance is bliss, or it was anyway.

So it's now Tuesday afternoon; work tomorrow and Thursday. Then Nancy and I are going to stay here in Boston at the Doubletree Hotel on Washington Street across from Tufts New England Medical Center. And yes I am the General Manager of the Midtown Hotel in downtown Boston and could stay here; but the GM, Stephen Pole, over at the Doubletree was able to give me a great rate so we went for it. THANK YOU BIG TIME STEPHEN, a huge help during a stressful time.  Mostly doing it so that after I go in at 6am on Friday, Nancy can just go back to the hotel and relax for the 2 1/2 ~ 3 hours while they are doing the surgery.   And then can come over afterwards and not have to worry about driving, parking, etc...

Once the surgery is over and I leave the holding room (or whatever they call the room you come out of "sleepy land") then; up to a room for the night. They tell me that I will be going home the next day, and I hope they are right. 3 weeks in a hard collar, and no driving. I am going to take 2 weeks off of work and go back half days on the 25th and 26th and take it as it goes.

Going back to my old running and triathlon days, I have a tendency to not wait till I am fully recovered. But I learned (or hopefully so) NOT to do that anymore since 2006, when I had all the complications from the heart procedures. Tough to teach an old dog new tricks, but I'll just have to be smarter than when I was younger and "bullet-proof".

They say 6 weeks until resuming normal activities, so that will keep me on a May 1st deadline. Not sure if that will give me enough time to do the Timberman with Nancy, but I will at least be able to train with her and cheer her on in August.

I will be posting, probably more to relieve the boredom of sitting at home and for the therapeutic benefits a lot of the next few days going into and weeks as I sit at home. So if you’re bored, feel free to come along for the ride. Although I am very nervous I am very hopeful that it will be a huge success.

Be well - Sank