Thursday, December 10, 2009

YakTrax Pro Giveway Winners!

YakTrax Pro Giveway Winners!
Sweet! I found out today that I actually won this from the IRunFar blogsite.
A big thanks to Bryon for doing this and congrats to the other 4 winners!
If you haven't gone there you should really check it out.  Bryon as well as alot of great other blog links are listed on the left hand column.

On a injury note, the Dr confirmed my fears in that I reinjured my neck.  On a steriod pack treatment for 6 days (seems to have helped the inflammation but still sore).  Going to play this out and see what happens by this time next week. 


  1. Thanks, Sank. Heal up soon and get back out there on your new YakTrax Pros. I just wrote the company, so they should be on their way soon!

  2. Hey! I coordinated the giveaway with Bryon, so on behalf of Yaktrax, congrats! Your items will go out next week. Look forward to your feedback on the products, too!

    Happy Trails,
    Carolyn and the team at Yaktrax

  3. Thank you so much for coordinating this. I cant wait to try them out. I will definately get you feedback.
    Happy Holidays