Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time to try again

Well the neck is barely better, but I honestly (without surgery) do not think that is going to get any better or worse, so I think it is time to try hitting the trails/roads again and see how it plays out.
Been refereeing enough so leg-wise I still feel pretty good. I actually forgot to wear the hamstring wrap on Sunday, and although the body reminded me that it was still tender afterwards, no problems.
My plan is to get out there on Saturday.

Today is 12 degrees and windy making the windchill 4 degrees, so for some odd reason it just didn't feel right today to start.  And no, although gray haired, that is not me to the left.
The rest of the week is simply out straight so I am looking forward to hitting Gilbert Forest on Saturday.  Who knows maybe the YakTrak that I won (YakTrak Contest with IRunFar) will arrive by Friday and I can give them a go.
Luckily I have been keeping the weight off (actually believe it or not but got on the scale Monday to find I had lost 5 pounds).
Oh well, I'll let you all go.  Have a great day.
Be well - Sank

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