Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trails....not with Elmer out there

Well I woke up this morning debating on running this 4 mile trail race up in Haverhill, MA or taking Belle out to the state forest for a morning of running, all psyched up for FINALLY hitting the trails again.  Kevin has a swim meet up north which made the race perfect, except that he would have to get up really early but he said he didn't mind.  Then they moved the time that he had to be there back so the timing just didn't make since so Belle won, off to the Gilbert State Forest in Foxboro.  And then I remembered it is hunting season.

So I try to get ahold of Petco, or Benny's, or Bass Pro Shop to get a orange vest for Belle but no luck.  I found an old Boston Marathon jacket (circa 1999) which was bright orange for me, but nothing for her.  So I hit the roads instead.

If anyone has any hunting season safety tips - PLEASE post them in the comment section!

Still trying to get my legs straightened out, that along with figuring out which is the correct mileage, the Garmin or - but I was out there anyway on a very cold OCTOBER morning (23 degrees F).

But the sun was out and it really turned out to be a beautiful morning.  Well no hunting on Sundays, so I guess I will try again. 

Have a great day all.  Be well - Sank

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