Saturday, November 14, 2009

Change of plans

Maybe this heading should be getting a plan.  After taking 3 days off, and as I was heading out Friday I decided that I was going to just go back to building up my base, not worrying about the pace (left the Garmin home) and just enjoy the run.
And you know it actually seemed to work.  So I just went out, tried to concentrate on keeping my stride short, did a little bit of fartleks on some telephone poles, and came home to take a quick shower and take Hannie off to her first basketball game.
Today woke up to some really heavy rains, but in keeping with my enjoying the run, threw on my old shoes, a rain jacket and took off.  Not the best of time by any stretch but you know it was one of the more enjoyable runs I have had in a long time.

Be well all - Sank

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