Monday, October 5, 2009

On the Road again and I added a Beer of the Week section

Wow what an absolutely crazy 4 days.  Friday involved picking the rosters for 4 youth basketball teams, one being my daughter Hannah's.  Saturday and Sunday was refereeing and more refereeing.  I looked on line to see what the average distance coverered when refereeing a high school game and it said between 3 and 5.  Well I couldnt really see that so I put it in at 2 miles per game and 2.5 for this one beast of a game.  I say beast only in that these were two of the best 17 year old teams in the New England and my partner and I ran our asses off.  Fun game to do though, lots of action above the rim.  Now generally before I started up running a month or so ago, the next day I would be doing my best Walter Brennan imitation limping around the house but I have to say that both Sunday and today I felt pretty damn good.
So tonite I get home a bit late and after doing all the games I decide that I will do a short 2.3 miles.  I was little concerned as I had tightened up a bit as the day progressed sitting in the office chair for a large part of the day, coupled with almost a 90 minute extended ride home but I went out regardless.  As I started the back of my legs were keeping me in check, but as I finished the later part come over a small hill I was pretty happy with my run.  8.25 pace and I thought after last week's run that it was going to be closer to 8.  I guess I have to think that the 7.49 pace was an error somewhere either distance or the watch.  Oh well it gives me something to shoot for, breaking 8 again.
Ok now to the libation part of the blog.  I finally added a Beer of the Week section to the left, along with a past winners section.  Just a place to show what I am drinking at the moment, a different beer related type of post or just a beer that I tried and liked enough to take the time to add it.  If you have one that you particularly like, please send it on over and I will happily try it out.
Be well all - Sank

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