Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost outside of the Woods

Somehow I have lost myself outside of the woods.  With the days getting shorter, the weather getting colder, the rush to get the outside jobs wrapped up, with the hotel business getting slower, the work day getting busier, kids back to school and head first into activities, and the basketball refereeing availability going from nothing to tons; I have not been able to get out on the trails in what seems like forever. 
Perhaps in hind-sight it is helping me with my knee and hamstring, but I have to say that I, along with Belle, are missing it.  I really am going to have to make the effort to either get up REAL early and get out there before work or cut back on the weekend refereeing and get at least one run there.
Funny, before August I had never done an trail run.  Obviously I am not talking about my pre-high school days when running; and pre-mountain bikes when riding; was just what you did.  FOR FUN!  No Garmin, no tempo; just fun.  Be nice to be able to go back to those times wouldn't it?

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