Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bicep Femoris, 229 and Zero

My left hamstring has been acting up the past several weeks, starting up after I had done a 7 basketball game refereeing weekend.  I have tried stretching it out, don't really have any decent stretches just doing what seems to feel like it is stretching it out and going from there. 

Looking at the diagram I reckon its my lower Bicep Femoris. 

But it is really restricting me today, so if anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE send them on over.

I stole some of this post, expecially the jpeg from another blog site (Mark's Marathon) for the hamstring portion.

Now for the 229, I actually saw gas today for sale at $ 2.29 - not that it is that big a deal but what a very pleasant surprise.  Note:  I am not holding my breath thinking that I will see under $ 2.00 again in my lifetime.

And finally the 0 (Zero). Not that I am a celcius guy, living in Boston, Mass USA, but the Title sounded better than Bicep Femoris, 229 and 32. Anyway, went out to the car today and the temperature was 32 degrees F (or for my canadien readers 0 degrees C). There goes everyones Global Warming fears, Global Cooling everyone - go out now and get all the down and flannel you can. 

and on another note - my Garmin 405 - arrived today!  WOOT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Be well - Sank

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