Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Seems like forever (well actually just a week) since I posted.  Tons of refereeing this weekend and the herniated discs sparked back up the migraines.   That coupled with the fact that eating whatever and as much as I felt like and a way to many beers, so kind of a lost couple of days and feeling pretty crappy.
Oh well poor me - I really need to get going on the roads.  I still have an outside shot at hitting my first 100 mile month (in about 15 years), which I am really going to try to do, but I just wish I could get out there consistently and feel good.  Not just mentally but a good stride, pace, breathing; without having to think about what I am doing.
My goal a little while ago was to:
1. get the little nagging legs issues under control (which thankfully I seem to have), and
2. stay on the roads only to try to get some consistency
But I just cant seem to get that flow going while running.  Oh well, just need to keep sticking to it, and stop whining about it I guess. 
My replacement Garmin 405 shows up today, so at least I will have a new toy to go out with me while I figure it out.  :)

Thanks all - if any New Englanders are out there that know of any good running clubs that do a fair amount of Trail Running - PLEASE comment me their information.

Take care, be well - Sank

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