Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stride Question - Please COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know that I don't have ton of blog reviewers out there - hopefully that will change and THANKS to all of you that do come see my Rants - but if you do check it out could you please comment.

I am wondering if anyone else has any problems or difficulty with their strides when the go from trails to roads?

It takes me a while to get the longer heal strike back on the roads, than it does the other way around.  Once I hit the trails generally my stride shortens pretty quick as I go on the uneven footing.

Anyone else?  
Be well - Sank


  1. Sank,
    I keep the same stride on the road and trail and I keep it short on with a midfoot strike. I don't think one should try to heal strike unless you are walking or going very slow. I have been learning the Pose Method of Running for 3 years now. Strengthening my core also helps to hold form during longer runs so crunches, planks and push-ups are a 2x weekly routine for me. I am not a coach so this is just my own take on running. I did have a nasty fall on my trail the other day so I am actually going to be picking my form apart for the next little while to see if the fall was form related. There is a good forum here .
    Good Luck with your form issues.

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  3. EJ - Thanks for the comment, will look into the Pose Method.
    I had the small bones in my ankle fused (with hip bone graphs) when I was a teenager so I try to do what I can to keep that ankle happy and letting me keep running.
    Thanks again and for putting a blog link on your blog for me.
    Be well - S

  4. You put mine up first so thanks to you:)