Thursday, September 10, 2009

The perfect Trail Runner's foot

I am actually pretty psyched, for two reasons.

1. I got a viewer from Sweden today &
2. I am now listed on Ultrablogs

Now if I can get in a good trail run tonite, all will be good in the world :)

Well all is good with the world tonight as I was able to hit Gilbert State Forest.  Tonite I took Belle for her first solo run with Dad (no Jack).   Mostly because she 'sits' on my hip the whole time, actually even better off the leash.  Not to mention that she wants absolutely nothing to do with any other people, bikers or dogs.  Just wants to stay attached to Dad. 
So we (like she had a say in the matter) decide that we want to put in somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles.  We grab the map (damn I must have about 5 maps in the car) and head off.  Trying new steep trails with small sections of walkable only sections.  Occasionally as we traversed the ACORN TRAIL, we would get the scent of Pepe Le-Pew.  So back on the leash she went until the odor left us.
Ended up going 2 minutes shy of an hour, for what I figure most be about 5.5 miles.  Both owner and pup are no worse for the wear.  Actually she is sound asleep on my left foot as I am typing this.  With Jack next to her.
Well crazy day tomorrow with work and both my and my daughter's birthday.  Hopefully I can get in 3 at some point.
Until then - be well - Sank

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