Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For those of you that share one of my malidies, I am sorry.  But damn migraines can sure put a HUGE change of plans on your day.  Similar to other sufferers I get the aura, which makes it extremely, if not impossible, to drive or even survive.  Followed shortly by nasusea and than the pain comes.  NOT FUN.  Well yesterday afternoon's sudden aura attack had me rushing home to get into bed, and unfortunately cancelled my run for the night.  Woke up this morning to continued pain and a day off that honestly I would rather be at work, given the choice.

The afternoon broke and besides some tenderness, I decided to pull out one of my old remedies and tried to sweat out the after effects.  Not bad, finally broke the 9 minute mile barrier, but realized one of my problems.  I am looking done while I am running which as me leaning forward.  I tried to concentrate on keeping my head up, leaning back and lifting up my stride and it actually felt much better.  More to follow.
Be well - Sank

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