Sunday, September 13, 2009

Longest Run of the Season

The cool nights are starting which means I have to get my ass out to finish up some of my exterior carpentry jobs on the house.  I am a HUGE procrastinator, but I have to get this stuff done. I had originally thought about doing a 4k trail race but decided to see the parents early and then head back home.  So 'up and down', 'raise and lower', 'move and foot'; the 2 ladders for the better part of the morning but the new rake boards are up and preped for primer and painting.  PSYCHE. 

That being done, I decided to hit the trails this afternoon.  I finally cracked open the birthday gear (nice pair of EMS trail running shorts-I left the rest for when the kids get home to see what they bought me LOL) and headed off to Gilvert again with Belle.  We hit the usual start trail and about a mile in I realize I forgot my IT band, and with the sunlight slivers coming thru the trees I cant see crap with the sunglasses on. Well I most certainly wasn't going back to get the band and drop the sunglasses so we pound on.  Now Gilbert isn't terribly long but it has a great set of trails that cross each other a fair amount so it is great for just winging it.  Being that Belle is new to this I try to watch her, and Gilbert has tons of waterponds for forest fires, so if she needs a break generally she will go in herself (giving me my clue to stop for a sec).  Last week we kind of got lost and ended up with 55 minutes, but today we just get crossing back and as I ran by the Radio tower I realized that we were at 50 minutes and not close to the car at all.  Well we ended the day at 1:16 and neither worse for wear.  Damn that dog is awesome.  5 times we either walked by people or had a bike or motorcycle go by and she just stays with me on my hip.  I really need to get Jack out this week.  Gives me those big Lab eyes when I leave without him.

Well Happy Sunday to all.  Be well - Sank

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