Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Well I took 2 days off and was pretty religious about doing the stretches and strength exercises for my knee, so off I went back on the trails.  Stretched a little in the parking lot (hey a little more cant hurt right?) and off I went, Belle at my side and my IT band firmly over my left knee.
Got about 2 miles out and the knee starting telling me "hey Sank whatcha doing?"  So I stretched a little more, and off I went again.  By around 40 minutes in, it was screaming - "hey Sank - either you can stop or I will stop us".  So I went for 56 minutes and called it a day.
I'm starting to think that until I can get this under control, maybe I should stay on the roads, and when I am trailing it, stay on the fire roads at the State forest.  I really love the challenge of the trails - lots of roots, and hills, and gravel, and rocks, and lions and tigers and bears - oh my..... but the terrain and loose footing may be making it one step forward and two steps back.
Until next post - be well.  Still haven't ruled out breaking that 100 mile month (yeah I know big deal - but it is to me and you gotta start somewhere), but I really want to play this out for the long run.  Hey I can always do 100 in October, right?
Until next post - be well

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